Current Information

How Larmax Homes is Responding- to the COVID-19 Virus

The Larmax Homes team is committed to providing a healthy and safe environment for the residents who live here and the staff who care for them. We are doing everything we can to prevent the spread of the virus into our community and to protect the health of our residents by following strict protocols in all of our homes until at least the end of April, or while the evolving pandemic impacts our region.

Only essential personnel are permitted to enter our homes each and must adhere to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) guidelines. All staff members and essential health professionals are undergoing routine temperature screenings and required to follow hand sanitation recommendations, along with proper use of masks and gloves. We have also increased our use of telemedicine visits.

In addition, we are closely monitoring the temperature and health of our residents. We know that asymptomatic people can account for a significant portion of transmissions, so, to be proactive, we were able to obtain COVID-19 test kits for the screening of all residents and staff, regardless of symptom status.

We are vigilantly disinfecting and cleaning all areas of the homes, and practicing social distancing with co-workers and residents. This includes the temporary restriction of all vendors and entertainers; We consider our engagement staff to be essential personnel so we are able to continue on a reduced basis our music, recreational and art therapy programming. We recognize that this is a transition for our residents with fewer visitors so we are making every effort to continue engagement activities that promote exercise, creativity and intellectual stimulation with the care associates in each home.

We have been pro-active in implementing the restriction of all visitors, including family members. We understand that this is very hard for families. We send multiple weekly email updates, including one every Sunday from the owner, and are offering daily opportunities for online video calls with families for virtual visits. We are committed to transparency and openness in our communications and senior leadership is available to every family at any time to answer their questions. We are also sending photos of our residents enjoying their daily activities to help families stay connected. We recognize that this separation is a hardship and may feel worrisome, however these measures are in place to protect the health and safety of their loved ones. We appreciate their support and understanding during this difficult time.

Our care workers are the front line heros and we are dedicated to helping them through these difficult times. We have established additional wage, transportation and child care measures to support our dedicated care associates. Equally importantly, we are focused on keeping their spirits high during a time when they, too, worry about their own families. We are here to respond to their every need, from helping them buy a car to avoid public transportation to sending food to their family when they cannot get out.  These are unprecedented times, and we are grateful for their selfless devotion to the residents of our Larmax Homes family.

We receive new information each day regarding the corona virus developments in our area, and we will continue to maintain safety protocols in our homes for as long as the virus continues. We are committed to protecting the health, well being and safety of our residents, associates and their families.