Daily Life

Each day at Larmax Homes is different just like people. Physical, behavioral and cognitive challenges do not define the day or the person; they are simply expressions of underlying unmet needs and medical conditions. Our day is defined by the quality of the outcome for each person, as seen from their perspective.

Breakfast starts when and as you like it. When someone joins the Larmax family we find out what their breakfast “comfort” food is and make sure that it’s available. There are lots of fresh fruits for any time of day and our bread is home-made. While we do not encourage cookies for breakfast, they are made fresh every day also!

Exercise is critical to physical well-being. We partnered with the Parkinson’s Foundation of the National Capital Area (PFNCA) to develop a unique exercise program used every morning. The head of our Engagement team is a Certified Recreational Therapist and, together with one of the physical therapy companies that work with our residents, we are continually updating the program as residents’ skills and needs change.


Lunch, nutritious and healthy, is made at home by the staff. Residents enjoy eating and talking together in the dining room. Special diets can generally be accommodated.

Opportunities abound for engagement of all types. Our wheelchair accessible bus carries residents and staff to lunch outings, museums, scenic drives and other community based events. On those special, personalized trips such as a baseball or basketball game or a tennis match, we have a small van which can also accommodate a wheel chair. Outings are continually changing based on the affections of the residents.


We strive for the best in senior home care and are always looking for non-pharmacological options to alleviate pain, depression, and other behavioral challenges. Two programs we developed were recently recognized at the conference of the American Therapeutic Recreation Association as well as a significant factor behind winning the second annual Excellence in Memory Care Award given by Insight Memory Care in Northern Virginia.


Larmax Homes was the first assisted living facility in Maryland or Virginia to pilot an equine assisted therapy program for older adults. The program was data driven and specific to those with various forms of dementia that include depression and agitation as symptoms. The results were so positive that we expanded the program to include our residents that cannot make the trip to the farm; instead we bring to horses to them!


Researchers are exploring how music can improve both mental and physical health, particularly for people with depression and Parkinson’s. Sound frequencies and rhythm, both through listening and active participation, can have a material and diverse impact on one’s quality of life. We are expanding on this concept in several ways including providing residents with a Sonos system in their bedroom.  Music programming is personalized by our music therapist using music they love and delivered to provide not only enjoyment but therapeutic value.


“Thank you to the Ipswich Home staff for all the care they provide my mother and all the other residents. So Much Love!”

— Family of Ipswich Resident

“Thank you so much for suggesting a new and personalized engagement activity for my mother. She has improved dramatically. We enjoy sharing that time with her and she is so happy. You have enriched our lives.”

— Daughter of 8337 Resident

“Thanks for all you do – not just for mom, but for all you serve. I know it is not easy at many levels. Your staff are the unsung heroes of society.”


— Daughter of Current Resident

“You and everyone who came into contact with her made a personal connection during every interaction. That kind of attention goes beyond all expectations, and we are grateful beyond all belief.”

— Daughter of Greyswood Resident

“Your loving care, wise counsel and unending support have meant the world to me. You allowed me to be her loving, caring, supportive daughter through the whole journey”

— Daughter of Lewinsville Resident

“….you made me a better spouse.”

— Spouse of Bells Mill Resident

Included here are only a few ways that we combine loving, well trained caregivers with innovative programming to enrich the daily lives of each of our residents. Since every person is unique, we welcome the opportunity to talk about how our holistic approach can benefit your loved one.

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