Our newest home, 9480 Seven Locks will set a new dimension in housing for the elderly. Licensing with the State of Maryland is still pending but when opened, Seven Locks will be a place where people in the early stages of cognitive decline find independence, stimulation and companionship. Staffing will include a full time engagement professional and two caregivers. Transportation will be available for spontaneous outings and adventures.

The house features four single bedrooms and four suites, all with private bathrooms. A library with fireplace is the perfect setting for intimate family and social gathering. The back porch is meant for breakfasts in the summer and family gatherings. Downstairs, an art studio is available at any time and the large conference room will host our support groups in Maryland.

The house will open for family tours in early 2018 with the first resident, subject to state licensing, moving in around the beginning of March.

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Marketing of this house will begin after we receive our licenses. In the meantime, we invite you to visit our other properties.

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