Person Centered Care

Karen Love, Executive Director of the Dementia Action Alliance, perhaps said it best. “Service is compassion made visible.”

Person-centered care is not a marketing expression but a “moral and ethical societal responsibility to support persons living with dementia as holistic, existential beings.” In a January, 2013 white paper entitled Dementia Care: The Quality Chasm, the Dementia Initiative agreed on three core values for person-centered dementia care:

Larmax supports these values through actions that, taken collectively, separate our model of care from others.

With only 8 residents per home, there is a very strong sense of belonging between residents, their families and staff

    The commitment to person-centered care starts with the owners, who are actively involved in day-to-day operations

    With three direct caregivers for eight residents, our staff-to-resident ratios lead the industry and enable caregivers to focus on personal interactions and relationships

    Professional staff includes 2 full-time RN’s, music, art and recreational therapists, and a social worker all of whom actively contribute to the wellness of each resident and family

    Innovative, evidence based programs such as music and equestrian therapy contribute to  an individual’s enjoyment as well as their physical and emotional health

    Homes are purposefully built, integrating barrier free design, vibrant materials and comfortable furnishings to promote safety and belonging in the warm, secure context of home

“Thank you to the Ipswich Home staff for all the care they provide my mother and all the other residents. So Much Love!”

— Family of Ipswich Resident

“Thank you so much for suggesting a new and personalized engagement activity for my mother. She has improved dramatically. We enjoy sharing that time with her and she is so happy. You have enriched our lives.”

— Daughter of 8337 Resident

“Thanks for all you do – not just for mom, but for all you serve. I know it is not easy at many levels. Your staff are the unsung heroes of society.”


— Daughter of Current Resident

“You and everyone who came into contact with her made a personal connection during every interaction. That kind of attention goes beyond all expectations, and we are grateful beyond all belief.”

— Daughter of Greyswood Resident

“Your loving care, wise counsel and unending support have meant the world to me. You allowed me to be her loving, caring, supportive daughter through the whole journey”

— Daughter of Lewinsville Resident

“….you made me a better spouse.”

— Spouse of Bells Mill Resident

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