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Agnes Mullins Larson

Some people, myself included, never stop trying to please their parents. That may seem odd because my mother passed away almost 10 years ago. To this day, she is not only the inspiration for Larmax Homes but the benchmark by which we operate. I think she would be very pleased.

First a little bit about my mother. Fiercely independent, very bright and a true Southern belle, she struggled as she aged with Parkinson’s. Her gift of mental quickness, even at 90, was, at the same time, her “cross to bear” as she gradually lost physical independence. When she moved from Richmond, Virginia to live with me, she needed help 24 hours a day. Although surrounded by my family who loved her deeply, she was still depressed at her loss of friends and independence and the feeling (albeit unfounded) that she was a burden to us. We needed a better plan.

Mom wanted to be among her peers as part of a family but still be pampered. I could not make that happen for her as she died suddenly. I decided I could help others by providing the environment that mom would have wanted for herself. While mom was never able to enjoy the elegant, eight person senior living homes, I know she would have thrived through the loving, personalized care and attention to detail. Her standards were incredibly high and Larmax Homes’ staff meet and exceed them every day. At the heart of each day’s decisions, be they large or small, is what would mom expect? I know she is proud of me and the Larmax Homes’ team.

Things happen for a reason and while the first home was under construction, my mother-in-law’s cognitive functioning digressed to the point where she needed ongoing daily assistance prior to that house being completed. With my home unfinished, I searched to find an appropriate environment for her. Believing that small was better, I met Jonathan Edenbaum who already owned and operated two homes. My mother-in-law moved into one of Jonathan’s homes and, in the course of that time, we joined forces in the management of the new homes and formed Eden Homes Group.

I invite you to contact us to learn more about our company, Lisa Max — my business partner – and me. Lisa and I are deeply committed to what we do and we do it from our hearts. For us it is a gift to see the smiling faces on our residents and their families every day. Through them, I can see my own parents and know that they, too, are smiling with pride and admiration. It feels good!

Lori Larson

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