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Over a decade ago, Larmax Homes set out to change the paradigm of life for the elderly living with physical or cognitive disabilities. Many studies show that being social and engaged are the most important components of living longer and healthier. The family structure is the best way to support those interactions. Our small, eight person homes are purposefully designed and built from the ground up to foster our mission.

View 7733 Bradley Blvd 7733 Bradley Blvd Bethesda, MD
46505 Stoneham Road
View 6505 Stoneham Road Bethesda, MD
7102 Bells Mill Road
View 7102 Bells Mill Road Bethesda, MD
6602 Greyswood Road
View 6602 Greyswood Road Bethesda, MD
Seven Locks Rd
View 9480 Seven Locks Bethesda, MD
5807 Ipswich Road
View 5807 Ipswich Road Bethesda, MD

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