Family Support

Larmax believes that our responsibility is as much to the family as it is to the resident.  Being small, the various families get to know and support each other as part of an extended family. Perhaps the best way to understand the depth of our commitment to senior care is through the words of a former family member after the passing of her father:  “…words cannot express the gratefulness that we feel towards the staff and how they …helped make his [her father’s] end of life dignified. They kept him safe and made him feel loved. They also accepted our family into theirs and eased our pain during dad’s decline. We thank you again for the wonderful care that was provided for dad and accepting us into the Greyswood family.”

Deciding to move your loved one is a difficult and emotional experience. The following video follows the wonderful story of one of our beloved residents and his daughter. We hope it gives you personal inspiration and the strength to make what are always tough decisions for family members. You are not alone.

“Thank you to the Ipswich Home staff for all the care they provide my mother and all the other residents. So Much Love!”

— Family of Ipswich Resident

“Thank you so much for suggesting a new and personalized engagement activity for my mother. She has improved dramatically. We enjoy sharing that time with her and she is so happy. You have enriched our lives.”

— Daughter of 8337 Resident

“Thanks for all you do – not just for mom, but for all you serve. I know it is not easy at many levels. Your staff are the unsung heroes of society.”


— Daughter of Current Resident

“You and everyone who came into contact with her made a personal connection during every interaction. That kind of attention goes beyond all expectations, and we are grateful beyond all belief.”

— Daughter of Greyswood Resident

“Your loving care, wise counsel and unending support have meant the world to me. You allowed me to be her loving, caring, supportive daughter through the whole journey”

— Daughter of Lewinsville Resident

“….you made me a better spouse.”

— Spouse of Bells Mill Resident

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